Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you. If you have any other questions feel free to call or email us, we are happy to assist you.

Q: How do I know if Krav Maga is for me? 

A: Ask yourself what you are looking for. Do you want street self defense dealing with much larger attackers, multiple attackers, guns or knifes? If so, yes you need Krav Maga. If you are still not sure try it out.


Q: Are the classes hard, should I get in shape first?

A: Yes the classes can be physically demanding and no you do not need to get in shape first. Everyone trains at the best of their ability and we will push you to get better. An attacker does not care if you are in shape in fact you are more of a target if they see you as unable or unwilling to defend yourself. The attacker will go hard you must go harder.


Q: I saw another place teaching Krav Maga and its real close to where I live should I go there?

A: The words Krav Maga means "contact combat" in Hebrew and the words are not owned by anyone much like the word Karate, thus some people may say they teach Krav Maga just to get new members. Our instructors are certified with Krav Maga Worldwide and get continuous training. There are many organizations of Krav Maga in the world. We belong to Krav Maga Worldwide, a large and trusted organization. We are also a dedicated Krav Maga school which means we teach Krav Maga all the time, not on the side of another style or system. I can say there are less than 5 reputable Krav Maga schools in the area. If you can't verify that they are legit...don't go.


Q: How often should I train?

A: We recommend 2-3 times a week. Our programs are "Train as much as you can" and we have classes 5 days a week. Some schools only offer a few Krav Maga classes a week. We are one of a very few Krav Maga schools in Georgia that has Krav Maga as it main program not just an add on.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: I recommend trying a class first to see if it is what you are looking for. Basing your decision just on price is a HUGE mistake. You test drive a car before you buy it and the same should be true for this. We offer several options for you. We wont "BULLY" you into signing today, avoid places that pressure you to do so...its a big red flag. We have special discounts for Law Enforcement, Active Military, and Firefighters as well.


Q: I can join the gym for $30 why is this more?

A: Simple, you get what you pay for. A large gym filled with machines is just that. You are paying for access to use equipment on your own. If you hired the personal trainer to help you it cost a lot more. We are teaching you skills and correcting mistakes each and every class making sure you can do the technique since you may actually need it to save your life.


Q: I have a trained in another style do I need to start in the beginner class or can I just jump into the advanced class?

A: All students start in the Level 1 class regardless of previous experience. Truth is Krav Maga is different in so may ways that people from other styles have to retrain many of their skills. This is mostly from training for a sport where you go for points to win. We train with a totally different mindset, do whatever it takes to survive and go home safe. Students with previous training in other styles might advance faster than someone with no experience but they still start at Level 1.